Quest IRA- SWOT Analysis

My name is Rebecca Miller and I have been working for Quest IRA, Inc., the past five years. Throughout these years I have continued my education through college courses and I am currently enjoying my studies in the Principles of Management. As a major assignment for the semester, students were asked to complete a SWOT Analysis for a local company, and I could not imagine any other than my favorite local company, Quest IRA, Inc. I chose to conduct my SWOT Analyses on Quest IRA, Inc. because I have been truly inspired by the company, its employees and their product. Quest IRA takes incredible care of its employees, encouraging personal growth and developing its employees through group and individual training. However it is the product which is truly incredible. I have seen people come to Quest IRA’s educational classes and networking events, start their own Self-Directed IRAs and supplement their income or pass on wealth to their heirs by taking existing money and investing into assets these people know and better understand.  


The SWOT Analysis is a way of identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses as well as environmental opportunities and threats. SWOT is an acronym for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It forces strategies to discover key facts and conditions with potential consequences for strategic performance. It also organizes this information in a structured manner that is useful for making strategy decisions. Managers using a SWOT analysis should be looking for organizational strengths that may be leveraged as core competencies to make future gains, as well as environmental opportunities that may be exploited. 


From even a light SWOT Analysis, comparing strengths and threats, I am able to see that Quest IRA’s executives have already analyzed and implemented strategies to influence major proficiencies and external opportunities. For instance as a Strength, Quest IRA, prides itself on a highly skilled work force providing the best Self-Directed IRA investment education and customer service. This strength gives Quest IRA a competitive advantage over the threat of misinformation and lack of education throughout the industry 


I feel extremely fortunate that I have the opportunity to continue my education and see the Principles of Management implemented by Quest IRAs executives. Analyzing, strategizing and developing core competency to keep an upper hand in the industry, is no easy task. Thank Quest IRA for encouraging me to continue my education and teaching me the principles of management first hand.

Rebecca Miller, CISP


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