Note Investor Summit LIVE 2015

Hey There, Krystal here! I just got back from spending 4 education packed days escaping the cold Austin weather in gorgeous San Diego.  A weekend filled with Note investing presentations and events, great food and fun with the leading Note investors in the country.



  • 2-26 – Dawn Rickabaugh Breakout in the Ballroom “Inside tips on how to broker notes”. Dawn’s always a great speaker to watch and a great guitarist to boot!
  • 2-27 – Walter Wofford Breakout in the Pavillion “Profitable seller financing strategies to crank up your cash flow” – Walter had everyone laughing on top of the great information he was providing.
  • 2-27 – H. Quincy Long Breakout in the ballroom “Do the Due” – Learn how to keep all of your hard earned money by doing proper due diligence on your IRA Transactions
    • In both Walter and Quincys presentations it was great to look around a room and see a mixture of new and seasoned investors laughing it up and enjoying the presentations.
  • 2-28 – David Fenoglio – “Profit from Buying undivided interests” – breakout in the ballroom
  • 2-28 Frank Ricci receiving the award for Note Investor of the year

Charity Event

One of my favorite highlights of the  event has to be the Charity Silent Auction held at the VIP Dinner on 2/27. Everyone got together to unwind and support Charity Vision,  a nonprofit organization that works with local physicians in developing countries creating sustainable solutions to the worldwide blindness epidemic. They agree to provide their talent and time at no cost. The result is a network of eye-care providers capable of providing for their own community. It was a great charity auction and we were able to all raise a substantial amount, and at $25 a surgery we hope it makes a difference.

For more information on this cause visit


Krystal R.


4th Annual IRA Fun Cruise

Howdy, Beatriz & Ingrid here! Today marks six weeks since our return from the IRA Fun Cruise. If you have never cruised with the questies and Walter before, you are in for a treat. Only on a cruise ship can you see Jack Shea shake it on the dance floor, Quincy reveal his top secrets, and Walter be well… his Wally-Wally self. Some neat features are daily networking with the speakers, how often do you get interact with this quality level of speakers? Its so common to see someone speak but never be able to follow up and ask them questions. This cruise is an exclusive opportunity to drink, dine, and mingle with the finest of the industry.

Some of our favorite presentations were:
Jim Ingersoll – “Top 10 Must Use Web Resources for Investors”
Kacee Jackson – “Highly Advanced Real Estate Marketing for Beginners and Experts Alike
Quincy Long – “Do the Due”
Quincy Long – “Bridging the Gap With Title Insurance”
Joedy Patrick – “If You’re Going to Hold Real Estate in your IRA – DO IT RIGHT!”
David Phelps – “Flying Under the Radar”
Dawn Rickabaugh – “How You Can Provide the American Dream By Investing in Notes – Fewer and fewer have the opportunity to own”

This was a seven day cruise departing from New Orleans, LA. It had three stops starting in Cozumel, Mexico, then Roatan, Honduras (OUR PERSONAL FAVORITE), with the last and final stop in Belize City, Belize.

We are anxiously awaiting our invitation for the next IRA Fun Cruise, departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Visit for more information about the next cruise!


Beatriz & Ingrid

Quest IRA Inc. Annual Ugly Sweater Networking Party Toy Drive

Quest IRA Inc. a leading provider of self-directed IRAs is having a toy drive to benefit Toys for Tots. Quest has been doing this toy drive the last couple of years in conjunction with the annual holiday networking party for clients, prospects and business associates. For those of you who are looking to network with like-minded investors and start the holiday season off with the great feeling of giving, donate an unwrapped toy to Quest IRA and they will give you $10 in Quest Bucks.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

When the holiday season rolls around Quest IRA, Inc. and its employees can’t help but catch the holiday season bug for giving. For the past couple of years Quest IRA has been having an Ugly Sweater Networking Party in every city they have an office. The goal of these events is to provide an environment that helps educate people on alternative investments, shows people how to access alternative investments and connect investors with other like-minded investors who have done it before. Along with all the great educational benefits for attending they have attendees bring an unwrapped toy that is donated to Toys for Tots. Over the years Quest IRA has donated hundreds of toys to kids in the local community and they look forward to continuing that tradition long into the future.

On December 8th 2012 in Houston and Mason, Michigan and on December 15th, 2012 in Dallas and Austin, Quest IRA Inc. will be having their Annual Ugly Sweater Networking Party Toy Drive to benefit Toys for Tots. The event is open to the public and there is no cost to attend.

“Quest IRA has always had a passion for the community, giving back and working with non-profits,” said Terrance Patrick, Self-Directed IRA Specialist in Mason, Michigan. “I have been working for the Michigan office for a few years now and one of the most exciting aspects of my job is creating events like our Ugly Sweater Networking Party Toy Drive. When you get to create an event that helps people understand what their investment options are in retirement and we get to donate massive amounts of toys to local children that will put smiles on their faces during the holiday season you really feel a sense of accomplishment. If fact, that feeling I get when I know I am putting smiles on people’s faces is more than anyone could ever give me.”

Not all self-directed IRA administrators and custodians are the same. Quest IRA Inc. uses great free national and local events, which are open to the public, to help further the knowledge of self-directed IRAs and investment strategies within self-directed IRAs.

“I have been working with Quest IRA for years,” stated Brant Phillips, owner of Houston Capital Group. “Not only do they give myself and my investors great, shall I say, world famous customer service, because they care, they also do great work in the community. Not many companies in my experience care so much about their client, prospects and business associates just as much as they care about charity work and giving back to their communities. It is a true pleasure to work with Quest IRA and their staff as well as attending their fun and exciting networking parties. I will see you all there!”

The Quest IRA Inc. corporate office is located at 17171 Park Row, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77084. Quest IRA Inc. currently supports more than 5000 clients and reaches approximately 20,000 customers monthly via their social media, local and online marketing activities.


Quest IRA, Inc. is the leading provider of self-directed retirement account administration and education. They are the experts and authorities when it comes to “alternative” investments like real estate, notes, precious metals, oil & gas, private placements, etc. within an IRA, HSA, ESA or 401(k)s. They administer client’s accounts from across the nation but the corporate office is located in Houston, TX with branch offices in Dallas, TX, Austin, TX and Mason, MI. They currently administer over $500MM in client assets for over 5000 clients.
Those interested in learning more about self directed IRAs and Quest IRA, Inc. can visit Anyone interested in Quest’s free educational classes, webinars and networking events can call 800.320.5950 for more information.

Self-Directed IRA Basics: WEBINAR

Self-Directed IRA Basics: What Investors Need to Know & Haven’t Been Told”

Even though SDIRAs have been around for over 30 years the topic to many seems very confusing and is mostly misunderstood. Most Americans still think that stocks, bonds and mutual funds are the only acceptable investments in an IRA/401(k) when legally you can also purchase assets like Real Estate, Precious Metals, Notes and Private Placements, just to name a few, that may provide greater safety, security and predictability. There is a lot of bad information out there and this webinar tries to simplify it and give you just the basics/facts. (Click to Watch)

What types of retirement accounts can be moved into Self-Directed accounts?

All types of different retirement accounts can be self-directed. These plans include the Traditional IRAs, Sep IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Coverdell Education Savings (ESA) a.k.a. Educational IRAs,, Qualified Annuities, Pro fit Sharing Plans, Money Purchase Plans, Government Eligible Deferred Compensation Plans, & event the old Keoghs also known as HR(10) plans & many more! Call Quest IRA, Inc. at 1.800.320.5950 or schedule an appointment to speak with an Investment Specialist by Clicking Here!

Why Realtors Need to Know About Self-Directed IRAs

Why Realtors Need to Know About Self-Directed IRAs
By Joedy Patrick

As more and more people use self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to invest a portion of their retirement funds into real estate investments (such as vacant land, fixer-uppers, mortgage lending or commercial properties) they will naturally seek advice from their real estate professional.
Self-Directed IRAs empower individuals to pursue investments that are not permitted by most custodians of traditional IRAs. The Realtor who takes the time to acquire basic knowledge about the mechanics of putting a self-directed IRA transaction together will be well poised to make inroads to new investors or expand their current client base.
Though almost any type of real estate can be purchased by an IRA, there are limitations as to how and with whom those transactions may be completed. For example, the sale or exchange of property to or from the IRA may not be to the IRA owner or certain other disqualified persons, unless a prohibited transaction exemption has been obtained through the U.S. Department of Labor. There are also prohibitions concerning any current benefits to prohibited parties that result from buying or selling of property in an IRA.
Though the transactions may be more complicated, the consuming and paper-work intensive, the Realtor that takes the time to learn about self-directed IRAs can reap tremendous rewards.