My Summer Internship at Quest IRA

The summer between your senior year of high school and freshman year of college tends to the claim the title of the “best summer of your life.” Most of my classmates travel to exotic places, grasp their remaining last moments with their best friends until they depart for separate schools, or work and attempt to save in order to support their first year of college. I happen to fall in the last category – working and trying with all of my willpower to save the money I earned to use throughout my freshman year. I already knew in my mind that having a job was at the top of summer priorities; however, I did not expect to be so lucky in the opportunity that presented itself to me during my second semester of senior year.

I know nothing about self-directed IRAs. The minute I hear the term “investment” my brain automatically conjures images of the stock market. I guess it is safe to say that when I actually was hired to work at Quest IRA, no one was more surprised than me. I knew that having an internship to work for an investment company would turn a few heads and attract the right attention. I admit that I did not know what to expect – this internship at Quest IRA claimed the title of my first job. However, as an intern I started to develop skills and knowledge that I never thought possible. I did not step out of my comfort zone, but instead I was pushed. I firmly believe that this push ultimately contributed to the self-confidence that has slowly built throughout my time here at Quest.

The company’s CEO, Nathan Long, said that he loves to push his employees out of their comfort zones and make them do things that they may refuse to at first. He believes that each person deserves to live up to their full potential and will do whatever it takes to make them realize that there is more to them than what they let on. As the marketing intern, I have worked close with the entire marketing department – getting to know each individual on not only a professional level, but a personal level as well. I observe their friendly banter with each other and their professional yet amicable persona with their clients. Each one of them attempt every day to work to their full potential and beyond – courtesy of being directly under the influence of the CEO. They serve as an example to the rest of the departments – showing that if they can learn to let go of their insecurities and willingly take a leap of faith, all of us can. If they can do it, so can I.

Unfortunately, after my seven months of working at Quest, I am still no expert to the world of self-directed IRAs. However, I believe that I managed to learn something from my time here at Quest. I gained confidence in myself not only as an employee but also as a person – learning that to truly live up to my potential I must first let go of my doubts, sometimes needing a push in order to truly understand that I can be whoever I want to be if I set my mind to it. With this knowledge and new found strength, I am forever grateful to Quest IRA for not only welcoming me as one of their own, but also for showing me that I can achieve something as long as I am willing to let go.

Thank you to Quest IRA, and especially the Marketing Department, for a truly unforgettable summer and I cannot wait to see where the road takes me next.

-Abby Varona


4th Annual IRA Fun Cruise

Howdy, Beatriz & Ingrid here! Today marks six weeks since our return from the IRA Fun Cruise. If you have never cruised with the questies and Walter before, you are in for a treat. Only on a cruise ship can you see Jack Shea shake it on the dance floor, Quincy reveal his top secrets, and Walter be well… his Wally-Wally self. Some neat features are daily networking with the speakers, how often do you get interact with this quality level of speakers? Its so common to see someone speak but never be able to follow up and ask them questions. This cruise is an exclusive opportunity to drink, dine, and mingle with the finest of the industry.

Some of our favorite presentations were:
Jim Ingersoll – “Top 10 Must Use Web Resources for Investors”
Kacee Jackson – “Highly Advanced Real Estate Marketing for Beginners and Experts Alike
Quincy Long – “Do the Due”
Quincy Long – “Bridging the Gap With Title Insurance”
Joedy Patrick – “If You’re Going to Hold Real Estate in your IRA – DO IT RIGHT!”
David Phelps – “Flying Under the Radar”
Dawn Rickabaugh – “How You Can Provide the American Dream By Investing in Notes – Fewer and fewer have the opportunity to own”

This was a seven day cruise departing from New Orleans, LA. It had three stops starting in Cozumel, Mexico, then Roatan, Honduras (OUR PERSONAL FAVORITE), with the last and final stop in Belize City, Belize.

We are anxiously awaiting our invitation for the next IRA Fun Cruise, departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Visit for more information about the next cruise!


Beatriz & Ingrid